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Organic Social Content

Universal Technical Institute, the leading vocational school in America, wanted to grow their audience of automotive enthusiasts. They challenged us with increasing engagement and driving leads on prospective new students on their social channels.

So, instead of talking about tuition deals, class options, and job placement rates, we took a new approach, which enabled us to speak to the audience rather than at them. We crafted all content on a subject we knew would resonate—car culture.

For so many people, a job is a job. If you’re mechanically gifted and automotively enthused, you’re in a position to make a career out of your passion. 

Augusut 5, 2016
Universal Technical Institute

That moment when you find the multimeter you thought you lost...

February 12, 2016 
Universal Technical Institute

Seriously, where do they go? #LostSocket  #TechnicianProblems

May 1, 2016
Universal Technical Institute

Auto. Diesel. Collision. Marine. Moto. CNC Machining. NASCAR. Welding. If you want to fix things, we have a school for you.

March 28, 2016
Universal Technical Institute

Shout out to all the wrenchers in the hood — or under the hood, as the case may be.

July 16, 2016
Universal Technical Institute

Every day offers new things to fix, new skills to learn, new wisdom to absorb. If you have the passion, UTI will help you make it your career. Visit us at

May 9, 2016
Universal Technical Institute
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